Nature Journaling with Ms. Castro’s class, Week 1

nature journaling 2

Ms Castro’s class started their Nature Journal unit on February 28th.

Nature journaling or field sketching encourages students to write down things they notice in nature, questions they have, and how they are feeling. It allows for them to explore creative writing and gives students the opportunity to make a personal and deeper connection with nature. At the end of the unit each students will have spent six  weeks drawing, observing, asking questions, writing poetry and falling in love with the plant of their choice in the garden. Their final project will be a biography of their plant and a final sketch that will be part of the APG Garden Field Guide book.

To prepare for the students first adventure out to the garden they constructed their own nature journal using recycled brown paper bags.

For the first class we went over some general natural journaling techniques to be better nature observers. The three questions they will be asking while observing their plants are,

-I notice
-I wonder
-It reminds me of


Take a look at some of the pages from the students first journal sketches!

nature journaling 3

This student was making observations from two parts of the plant

nature journaling-4

This student was asking lots of questions


Great use of a key


Having Fun in Garden Club!


Garden Club  meets every Thursday during lunch time. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends, make delicious garden fresh recipes, care for the chickens, and get involved with other garden activities while earning service learning points.

IMG_4556 IMG_4563IMG_4560

Here students get to harvest 3 fresh eggs from the coop and make a delicious scramble and fresh salad!


Students made Vietnamese salad roles last week with lettuce and carrots.


Students love the hens in garden club. They even came up with their names, Ginger, Night shade, and Daisy.